• McAirlaid’s FishPad, FreshTab, CO2Pad, WOD-Pad:
    Packaging and transportation solutions for fish and seafood

    • A big variety of products!

      • FishPads for secure air transportation
      • Absorbent pads for portion packaging
      • Pads to maximise shelf life
      • Absorbent tablets for smoked fish

    • The eye decides

      Individual packaging solutions using McAirlaid’s products have the advantage of being hygienic and pleasing to the eye, and consequently more appealing to the consumer.

    • SuperCore® hygiene guarantee

      • Absorption and retention of excessive liquids
      • Inhibits microbial growth
      • Produced without synthetic glues or binders

    Improve shelf life with McAirlaid’s products!



  • McAirlaid’s FishPad: Like a tailor-made suit

    • Developed for industrial packaging and secure transport

      • Available in all sizes and absorption levels
      • Products to secure airfreight transport boxes
      • Unique patented product construction
      • Optimized for automatic feeders

    • Tailor-made for automatic insertion

      Size: fitting perfectly
      Surface: non sticky and easy to pick up
      Stability: balanced perfectly
      Feeding: it just works

    The FishPad is available in many sizes and capacities. Also tailor-made. Please ask for detailed information.

    McAirlaid’s CO2Pad: up to 5 more days shelf life

    • The next generation CO2Pads

      • Absorbs free drip
      • Generates CO2 in the pack: Benefit – inhibits microbial growth
         and maximizes shelf life

      Time to win! Up to 5 more days shelf life.

      1. Bacterial level without CO2 emitter
      2. Bacterial level with CO2 emitter
      3. Additional shelf life for packed fish with CO2 emitter

    Future: Advanced packaging solutions at farmer will improve shelf life, simplify logistics and increase value of product.

    Pads for consumer packaging: FreshTab, WOD-Pad

    McAirlaid’s FreshTab:
    Tailor-made for smoked and marinated seafood

    • Protection: Excellent stability and contoured edges to minimise pack and transport damage

      Presentation: Customized colours, form, sizes and absorbency grades / High aesthetic appeal

      Absorbency: High absorption across the surface and the edges / Perfect absorption of oil based liquids

      Hygiene: SuperCore® hygiene standard for a longer shelf life / Produced without recycled materials

      Handling: Tailor-made for smoked and marinated seafood / Suitable for vacuum packaging and MAP / Anti-slip grip in vertical position / Thin packaging for lower transport costs

    • McAirlaid’s WOD-Pad

      First choice of world travelling fish

      • Long and narrow pads with high absorbency for
         an excellent packaging of fish fillets
      • Inhibits microbial growth
      • Produced without synthetic glues and binders



  • McAirlaid’s CO2Pad: Effectiveness that is scientifically proven!



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